After Years Of Neglect No One Wanted Her And She Is So Sad


Delilah was a neglected little dog who was forcibly taken to her local shelter.

The little dog was scared when he first came, quite understandably, given that all he knew in his life was indifference, writes a blog. theanimalrescuesite. greater good.

He was also an older cub, so he was cared for by the non-profit The Mr. Mo Project. The rescue, led by Chris J. Marissa Hughes of Clifton Park in New York, has seen most of its older dogs over the years.

However, nothing prepared Chris Marieza for everything they were going to witness.

Poor little Delilah was in terrible condition. His fur was so bad in terms of carpets that it cut off the blood flow to his legs, making it difficult to walk.

If it wasn’t bad enough, the poor dog would have suffered from a previously broken jaw. It was not treated, which means that it was not treated properly, so none of its teeth were missing. As a result, he could barely eat.

Chris and Marie brought him home with him and adopted him into a furry family. It became clear that under her frightened appearance, Delilah was a very sweet puff.

Chris commented to The Dodo about his health condition. “It’s just in such a terrible state.”

No matter how hard Dalila’s foster family tried to take care of her, her health problems were too much. His front leg had to be amputated, all his teeth had to be removed.

However, when he underwent surgery, he recovered for a long time. But it was a new life, little Delilah prospered.

Marie noted that even without her front leg, Dalila’s personality began to come out, she became an “incredibly different dog”, even on three legs.

The little dog soon became a real member of the family. Chris and Marieza could not have imagined life without little Pooh, so they decided to officially make him a member of the family.

The couple even organized a sweet little ceremony for little Delilah, giving her her collar, of course, pink.

And while her collar was being donated to her as an official part of the family, her fellow furry brothers and sisters welcomed her into the family.

“He’s the dog I’ve always wanted to be, he’s probably never thought it could happen,” Marie added.

Check out the heartwarming moment when Delilah officially joins her forever family:


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