After thinking about who to go with to the prom, the teenager finds the best solution


Prom was one of the most important events of our school years, but it also came with a lot of stress.

However, there are also other important decisions, such as what to wear that day and who to go with.

Perhaps the last one was the most important for us, because it had to be someone with whom you would feel relaxed and comfortable, as well as someone with whom you would enjoy spending the whole day and the whole party.

Sometimes when this problem arises, you just need to try to think outside the box or just follow the example of Sam Stingard.

There was a time when Sam struggled to find a suitable candidate for prom, but then he solved his problem in the most unique way.

He didn’t want to stay there long, so he decided to take his cat, Ruby.

He managed to replace the traditional graduation party with the most memorable and beautiful one.

Their family took Ruby into their home when she was just a little kitty, and he has been an integral part of the family ever since.

10 years have passed since that day, and Sam was more than happy that he spent that important day with his friend.

He bought a beautiful dress for his kitty, completing his outfit with a sparkly collar.

Both of them were so beautiful, perhaps the most harmonious duo.

After their pictures were posted on facebook, they quickly went viral.

Now millions of people have seen them, sending them many many warm words.

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