After the pup was saved she gives birth in the backseat of a car


Sometimes humans can save animal’s life by just doing a little thing. So Becca was on vacation with her spouse in Georgia where she made her mind to make an unplanned stop before going back home.

Mostly people back to home buy souveniers while Becca was sure to save a dog. She wanted to save a dog that was about to be euthanized.

Rebecca learned about Lizzy a little pregnant dog that was facing euthanasia, from a fellow that was in the same area. As Lynch mentioned someone left the poor pregnant doggie at an animal shelter.

Rebecca was sure that he could not let the dog suffer any more. So they took Lizzy, and to make her feel comfortable during the long lasting driving journey they put a bed and duvet in the back seat.

While the husband was driving Lynch was petting Lizzy. When the doggie finally felt safe and fully comfy she rubbed her head against Rebecca’s hand.

And then she started gasping and wiggling and this was the time when Rebecca knew she was giving birth. It took 20 minutes to give birth. Lynch as a midmother made sure that the babies and mother were safe in the back seat.

When they reached to the vet’s they took Lizzy and her two babies there and the doctor said that verything seemed to be perfect. Being at the vet’s the pup gave birth to another puppy and two more on the way back.

Now this little family is doing pretty well and they, after staying at vet’s for couple of days will return to Lynch and be fostered as long as they find their forever homes.

The most incredible is that Lizzy knows her rescuers and is very appreciative for everything. Despite all that she has been through during her short lifetime she is an adorable soul a very loving and trusting dog.

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