After taking the 19-year-old dog home his foster mother could not part with him any more


People who care for animals deserve the greatest praise. Many are ready to leave everything to help them and fortunately there are still many such people, because these innocent creatures really need us.

The hero of the story is a 19-year-old dog named Ace, who was taken to a Sanoma sanctuary only at the end of his life. It was also at that time that the California wildfires broke out.

He almost had no hope of surviving, but his current foster mother, Bonnie, saw how full of life he was and knew she had to do the bare minimum to get him out of the shelter.

So she offered to take the old doggie into her home until it would be possible to find him a permanent home.

During the first few days, when the dog was already in his new house, Ace felt simply wonderful and began to come out of his shell every day.

He had never been seen so happy and excited. He blossomed day by day and felt more comfortable in that caring and warm environment.

Then in a very short time he befriended the other foster dogs in the house and they were just having a great time together.

Seeing that the dog already felt great, applications for its adoption began. Of course, Bonnie had become very attached to the dog and it would be difficult to part with him.

She felt a little sad knowing how much she would miss the sweet boy. So that’s why she realized that she couldn’t live without Ace and he could be said to have “failed” as a guardian pet.

Bonnie eventually adopted him, deciding to keep him in her arms forever.

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