After seeing the dog at the shelter, a man just fell in love with him, promising to give him the best life possible


Of course, most pet ownrs really love their pets, but there are some owners who are able to create a very deep and indescribably special bond with them.

A shining example of such a connection is Scott and Biggie, who created a very special bond with each other from the very first moment they met.

One day, Scott was driving past a small town in Idaho when he noticed a sign there, “GermanShepherd Puppies.”

The point is that he had recently lost his dog so it immediately caught his attention.

Although at that time he was not even thinking of adopting another dog, when he saw Biggie, he immediately fell in love.

There it was reported that Biggie had several problems, because of which he stayed longer at the shelter than his other siblings, however, Scott was not bothered by all that.

He was not one of those people who pay attention to appearance. So on the same day, they went home together.

“I want to give him everything I can to make him the happiest dog,” Scott said.

The mountains are their favorite place. Together they often go hiking, swinming and snowboarding.

Biggie just adores snow. Every time his daddy rides a snowboard, he happly plays and jumps around the snow.

Biggie is also a great listener and his big ears are always alert to hear things around him.

Though he is a big dog, Biggie seems to still be a pup at heart who loves to have fun and play ball.

He always has a ball with him and treats it as his pacifier.

Scott shared that thanks to Biggie, he also overcame his depression.

Of course, parallel to all this, there are also certain difficulties in their lives related to taking care of Biggie.

Big was recently hospitalized with fluid in his lungs. After three days he felt better and happily he is now fully recovered and can continue enjoying his life with his dad doing their favorite activities.

They really have a very special and strong bond, which also inspires many people to adopt a dog. Believe me, they will really change your life for the better.

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