After rescuing this stray kitten, his family discovered that he was simply obsessed with snow


Dibs adores these two things in life: his family and snow.

His family members learned about his passion for snow the very first year he came to live with them.

Dibs had been rescued from the streets and moved into their home, initially allowing him some time outside to not stress him out.

And on the day when it snowed, they were completely amazed by the reaction of the cat.

He left the house and seeing the snow, got so excited that he seemed to be going crazy with happiness.

He played in the snow for hours, never getting tired of that magical beauty.

For a few weeks, they considered making the cat a full indoor pet, but at the same time, they didn’t want to deprive the sweet little one of the biggest excitement of his life.

Therefore, they had a brilliant idea: if Dibs can’t go to the snow, then the snow can come to him instead.

So his father brought in a pile of snow and dumped it on the floor of their balcony.

You have to see Dibs’ enthusiasm: he had never felt so happy. There was no limit to his excitement.

He immediately started playing in the snow pile.

After that day, every time it snows, they bring home a load of snow for Dibs again.

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