After receiving the blanket, the scared dog became so excited that he never goes anywhere without it


Flynn is a super sweet dog, and the thing is, he has severe fears of seemingly endless apparitions.

They include, for example, boxes, dark areas and even bags։ he just hates them.

Fortunately, there is something in this world that helps him face his fears.

It is about his blanket, which is the most precious to him.

For a year and a half, he was never separated from his blanket.

When they first gave the gift to the little one, they never thought the dog would become so attached to the blanket. It seemed to be just what he needed.

Immediately after waking up, he takes it and drags it all over the house. It’s not just a blanket, it’s much more.

It really helps the fearful dog. It also helps him to be brave and confident.

The blanket even helps him build up the courage to put his paw in the grass.

He also feels happy and safe with his family and brothers.

They all just adore their unique pup and are overjoyed to have him live with them because he brings so much joy and happiness to their family.

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