After receiving the best surprise ever the 5-year-old girl thinks she is a mother too


The sweetest kind of friendship for me is the connection between children and animals.

Everything between tem is so pure. One of the heroes of our today’s story is a little girl, Kylie Brown, who is only 5 years old, but has already managed to become a “mother”.

She has a adorable pet. Last summer he was still a very small duckling when he was brought home.

At first, the little yellow fur baby was brought home in a box that creaked incessantly.

So Kylie approached it to find out what was inside. When she looked there, it stopped creaking.

It was the sweetest surprise of her life. They became inseparable from a very beginning.

They went everywhere together. They are inseparable friends now.

After this animal came home,her mother also noted that her daughter also became very responsible and attentive.

She just takes great care of her pet, always making sure that he feels calm and safe.

The baby girl says that she is the duckling’s mother. In the case of ducklings, they will not always follow their biological mother.

They will start following any other moving object they come across first.

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