After receiving a call about a ‘ferocious’ dog, a police officer went there found the sweetest dog ever


One day there was a call about a ferocious dog, but when they found the dog, it was not at all what they imagined.

In fact, there are many stereotypes about pit bulls, which are not true.

That’s why, when they met the dog walking without a collar on the street, the frightened residents quickly called the police to take the “feral” dog away from there.

The policeman who came to the scene was Officer Travis Frolt.

After receiving the call, he drove up to the dog and found it lying on someone’s porch.

He couldn’t understand what made people talk about a dog like that. However, deciding to remain cautious, he whistled at the dog, waiting to see how he would react.

Noticing him, the dog calmly approached, wagging his tail excitedly.

Of course, it was not what he was waiting for. It was a sweet dog that just wanted to be loved and petted.

When the officer started petting him, he immediately went to the car after a few seconds, jumping into the front seat. He felt so happy and important.

Then they took him to the shelter, first tring to find out if the dog has a microchip or not.

And here they found it, but unfortunately they could not contact the owner because the contact information had not been updated. However, they would do anything to provide a happy life for the doggie.

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