After more than 5 months, they finally reunited, which made them both break down in tears


Ash is a small kitten who likes to travel very much. He even managed to travel across America with his beloved father, Matthew B.
They have been inseparable for years, but a disaster happened last month.

While Matthew was standing at the truck stop for a few minutes, the kitten accidentally got out of the truck and instantly disappeared.

Matthew started looking for his kitten, but in vain. He disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.

Matthew was taking the absence of his friend terribly hard and traveling without his sweet cat was too painful .

He repeatedly returned to the same place where he lost his cat, hoping that he would still be able to find him.

One day a woman noticed a poor looking and malnourished cat in the street and quickly took it to an animal rescue organization. There they checked if he had a microchip and guesst what…

It had already been five months since his disappearance and it was unbelievable.

After so many months, they were finally reunited.

Seeing the cat, Matthew could not hold back his tears. Ash was also very excited to finally see his dad again.

This happy ending also highlights the importance of microchipping our fur friends.

They are now finally enjoying every second spent together.

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