After living in a house with three Siberian Huskies, the rescued kitten considers himself a husky too


Rosie was only three weeks old when she was rescued from the streets. From that day on, he decided that he was u Siberian husky.

The thing is that when he was moved to hls new home, there he met three huge dogs, who, to the surprise of many, accepted the sweet bby with great love and care, breaking all the myths about the dog-cat relationship.

They created a wonderful relationship from the very first moment of meeting and started living in a harmonious atmosphere.

Of this sweet trio, Lilo in particular had a very special attitude towards Rosie and seemed to take over the role of her foster mother.

Therefore, now that they have been living together for a long time, Rosie is just sure that she is still a dog, and Lilo is his mother.

They are always inseparable and do everything together: play, sleep, cuddle and so on.

While the Huskies go for a run, he sits comfortably in the basket because although he also likes to run around and play, it can often become a challenge for his little legs if it goes on too long.

Their owners also often post super sweet pictures with them.

Just look at them, they are so sweet and adorable.

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