After giving money to an old woman, I decided to follow her and what I found out shocked me to the core…


When I noticed the old woman sitting on the street, I decided to give her money and follow her to see what she would do with that money. What I saw just cannot be described in words…

One day I was walking down the street when I saw her begging passers-by for money.

I generally do not give money in such cases, because I believe that a person should not be given money, but an opportunity to earn. I was also convinced that such people mostly spend it to buy alcohol or other similar things.

However, I could not pass by this woman indifferently, because she was different from other. So I decided to give her money. I really felt so sorry for her.

That same day, I was leaving the store to go home when I saw grandma going somewhere. I decided to follow her to see where she was going.

Suddenly she entered an old place, looking like a barn. She entered the ”house” and put the food she bought on the table: bread, butter and milk. So I decided to go inside.

At first she was scared seeing me, but then we started talking. Turned out she had been living there for 2 months, because after her husband’s death, her children took the house from her, leaving her on the street.

So she has to spend all her pension on buying medicines, which means that there was no money left for food. So սhe had to ask people for money.

I could not remain indifferent to her story and decided to do anything I could to help her. So I shared the woman’s story on social media and asked people for help.

Fortunately, there are still many many caring and kind people who collected quite a lot of money for her, many brought warm clothes, andand what is most surprising a kind woman offered to give her her house in the village.

Thank you so much to everyone who reached out. Together we are stronger!

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