After getting his brand new wheelchair the mini horse got so excited that even started running


Turbo is a 3-month-old mini-horse who still didn’t understand what it means to be able to walk fully, but the kind people did everything to make him feel no less than other horses.

The point is that this horse was born with a birth defect that impaired the mobility of his two legs.

Because of this, the mini horse could hardly walk, always being in a crouched position.

Turbo’s owners, seeing their horse’s problem, decided to turn to the shelters for help. So one of them agreed to help the baby.

Megan was one of the volunteers of the shelter, who had once rescued a goat with a similar problem, so she was ready to accept and take care of this horse with great love.

Help came from the company Walkin’ Pets, which decided to donate a wheelchair to the sweet boy.

After receiving the wheelchair, the shelter helped him get fully attached to his new wheelchair. He got so excited he even started running.

It brought so much joy to everyone, especially his guardian Megan, who hopes that the story of this brave horse will inspire many to help animals with similar problems, because they all deserve to live their life to the fullest.

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