After finally being rescued the sweet dog simply couldn’t stop smiling and wagging her rtail


Leilani Wong and her husband were going on a trip when they stopped at a gas statiom.

Meanwhile, while they were waiting for the tank to fill up, the woman suddenly noticed a dog standing near the car and smiling.

“She was walking near the gas station and stopped in font of our car. She was just looking at me and smiling,” Wong said.

It was quite hot outside that day. They decided to ask the people there whether the sweet dog belonged to anyone or not.

But it turned out that the dog was completely alone and had no one in this world to take care of her.

They got food and water for the dog, for which the dog seemed so grateful that she couldn’t stop wagging her t ail.

Even that small act of kindness made the dog extremely happy.

Naming the dog Kaya, the couple decided to take her with them until they found a shelter for her.

Together with the dog, they returned to their home in Washington. She was like a little magnet that followed them everywhere they went.

The next day they took the dog to the vet for all the necessary checks.

Kaya felt so happy after being rescued from her lonely and sad life that she couldn’t stop smiling all the time.

Although they had decided to leave the dog at the shelter, they became so attached to the dog that they realized they should keep him forever.

That was definitely the best thing that could have happened to Kaya.

He felt like the happiest dog in the world, who now has the most caring family ever.

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