After being rescued the frightened puppy couldn’t stop hugging his rescuer all the way to the clinic


Once, when Johnston, who is the founder of TSPR, a rescue org., stopped for a soft drink in a store, suddenly noticed a 3-month-old pup.

It was clearly malnourished, covered in blisters and ticks, eyes filled with fear.

Johnston had saved many street dogs in his life, and immediately felt that the little puppy needed his help. He named him Basil.

Taking him, Johnston carried the puppy to the car and rushed him to the vet.

He was spinning in Johnston’s arms all the way and it was as if all his fears had completely disappeared.

After getting to the vet, he was given the medicine and care he needed.

After that he will stay there for a few more days, after which he will be moved to Johnston until they can find him a forever home.

Johnston is sure that very soon, when Basil will feel better, he will immediately be adopted.

He will take care of Basil perfectly until that day comes.

As he noted, Basil looks like a little kangaroo who seems pleased that he saved his life.

He now cares for about 100 stray dogs along with Basil and with all his staff do everything they can to provide them with the best possible care.

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