After being rescued from a breeding farm,the pup called Daniel has become unrecognizable now…


We want to tell you about a wonderful center, called HSUS, which has managed to save thousands of dogs during its activity.

It is the Humane Society of US, which recently went and saved another 293 puppies from a farm locatedin Arkansas, including Daniel, who was in a very poor condition.

They were all in pretty bad shape as they were kept in very poor conditions at the breeding farm.

Jessica Lauginger, who is the spokesperson of the rescuers, said that she will never forget the moment when she saw Daniel for the first time.

He was completely covered in feces and dirt. Seeing the rescuers, he started crawling and asking them for help.

It was such a heartbreaking moment…

Together with Daniel, they also managed to save 293 other puppies that day, who also needed immediate help and proper care.

The dogs were quickly taken to an emergency shelter where they felt safe for the first time in their lives, including sweet Daniel.

Only 2 weeks had passed since that day, but Daniel already started playing and running.

He felt so good that it was time to find a family for him. Days later, a kind family from Missouri came to adopt him.

We are so happy that everything ended well.

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