After being rescued, an orphaned raccoon found the most caring friend who also lost his mother at a very young age.


Information about the newborn raccoon reached wildlife rehabilitator Kerry Long.

It turned out that the animal was found during heavy rain, and it was completely alone.

Sadly his mother abandoned him․ He was so small that he was barely three weeks old.

Long, learning about him, decided to adopt the raccoon and named him Jassper.

Long had an organization whose mission is to rescuew and care for fawns.

Here the baby met a deer that completely changed his life. It was Hope.

The thing is, he lost his mom at a very young age, and then he was saved by these wonderful people and became everyone’s favorite.

He is now one of the 75 orphaned deer at the center, who are cared for by wonderful volunteers.

Jasper will never feel alone because he found a best friend who takes great care of him.

When they see each other, they rush to hug each other. They love each other very much, playing and runing all the time .

It is simply the most beautiful company they have ever seen. They even like to sleep hugging each other.

What Long is doing is simply admirable. He plans to take care of more than 100orphaned babies this year.

We are very grateful for such selfless work.

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