After being lost for 200 days the man finally reunited with his beloved dog… So touching!


I have always been always attracted to stories where pets are the main characters.

They immediately manage to touch our hearts, also entertaining or angering a huge number of internet users.

Today’s hero is Blue, a sweet dog who was lost for 200 days. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, he was finally reunited with his best friend.

Everything happened six months ago, when Pat, the owner of Blue, had to move to Texas for work. Before that, however, his dog got lost.

Despite all efforts and intensive searches, it seemed there was already no way to find his faithful friend.

So the man already had to go, not knowing anything about Blue’s whereabouts. .

However, the man received a call 200 days later from one of his friends who said he had seen a dog very similar to his Blue.

After that, his friend also sent them pictures and after seeing that Pat needed no more proof to be convinced that it was his pet.

So he immediately got into his car and driving around 1900, he reached where his friend had mentioned.

The dog’s reaction was so touching when he saw his owner after so long. Of course, he immediately recognized his daddy.

The love of these incredible creatures is truly eternal. He kept licking his owner’s face and wagging his tail incessantly.

We are so happy for this wonderful reunion.

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