After being hit by a car it turned out that some cruel people also cut off his ears…


When we come across such cruel and heartbreaking stories about animals, it cause so much pain to us, animal lovers.

Showing such inhuman treatment is simply impossible to even interpret.

These sweet and innocent creatures deserve only our love and care.

That day, upon arriving at the office, the employees learned that a dog had been run over in front of their building and was in a terrible condition.

That ruthless man did not even stop to help the baby and left him alone. If he stayed there for a while longer , he could die.

Fortunately, kind people heard about the dog and ran there to help him.

After that, the bba7 was quickly taken to the clinic, where it was found out that the poor doggie was subjected to terrible violence.

He was already in a very bad condition and was disabled before the accident.

It’s terrible to even write about it, but someone had cut off his ears. How can someone be so cruel…

After so many bad days, kind people finally found him and saved his life. They decided to call him Lucky.

He is treated very well there and despite all the cruelties he went through, the little boy still trusted people, realizing that they all love him there and are doing everything to make him recover as soon as possible.

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