After being abandoned the little piglet got adopted by the dog becoming one of her pups


When they are abandoned by their mothers at such a young age, their chances of survival are very little.

However, sometimes a chance to survive comes from the most unexpected place.

A little boy was left completely alone in this big world, and it was assumed that he would die, but an incredible thing happened.

Some people saw the baby and brought him to their farm to take care of him.

At first glance, it seems to everyone that it is an ordinary pig, but in fact, everyone is surprised to see where and how it lives and grows up.

An eight-year-old dog named Katinga, seeing the piglet, took him under her care and thus saved his life.

The caring dog also had five little puppy , whom she takes excellent care of.

In fact, being a mother is not only about giving birth to a child, but even more.

The dog takes excellent care of the piglet, and despite such great differences, she treats him like her other puppies.

The baby has already become a full member of their family, sharing milk with the five other pups.

If it wasn’t for this dog, maybe he wouldn’t have been able to survive without his mom.

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