After adopting the dog with the sweetest eyes, Laura couldn’t even imagine what awaited her…:)


Laura and her husband eventually decided to adopt a new dog, thinking it would help them overcome the grief of their previous dog’s death, but she had no idea what was in store for her.

The point is that when the dog came to their house, he immediately attached to his husband, and she seemed to become a third wheel between them.

“It would be so nice if Rusty loved me as much as he loves my husband,” Laura said.

However, she loved Rusty very much and finding him was a real blessing for them.

The couple really needed him and he came into their lives at the right time.

When they told their volunteer friend they wanted to adopt a dog, she decided to send them a picture of Rusty.

Seeing the dog, the couple immediately fell in love with the sweet dog.

The very next day, they went after the dog, and found a lot of of warnings on its cage, such as “aggressive” and “not good with other dogs”.

All that, however, did not bother them at all, and even vice versa.

They knew they could take care of Rusty properly. He just needed people to treat him with love and thee couple understood this very well.

“He and my husband became inseparable from the first moment,” Laura said. “They like to hug each other and sleep on the sofa”.

After a very short time, they became so close that Laura almost had no place even when sleeping.

Rusty always got there before her, taking up as much space as possible.

Of course, it’s a little “unfair” for Laura, but she already got used to it:))

They hug each other even when they are sleeping.

As for their other dog, he gets along pretty well with her and even their two cats. So thankful to this wonderful couple.

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