After 5 months of searching the truck driver was finally reunited with his beloved travel partner


The cat named Ashes has managed to travel a lot with his daddy during all his life.

The kitten and Matthew B. rode across America together in Matthew’s 18-wheeler.

They have been inseparable for years, but a few months ago a disaster struck that just broke his heart…

He wanted to stop at the bus stop for a few minutes when the cat accidentally got out of the truck and just disappeared.

The cat had disappeared, being so far from home…

It just broke Matthew’s heart. He didn’t want to believe that he had to continue without his beloved cat.

He eventually left, but decided to plan his routes over the next few monlths so that he could keep going to the same place where he lost Ashes.

He was not going to give up and accept the thought of losing him. While Matthew was doing everything to find his cat, Ashes was fighting for his life.

For months, he wandered the cold streets trying to find food until a kind-hearted woman named Kim noticed the cat.

The woman decided to give the malnourished and frostbitten kitten the nickname “Smokey” and took him to the Lollypop animal welfare org. in New York.

The first thing they did there was check Smokey, hoping for a possible microchip.

That’s when they found out that he was actually Ashes… When the man got the call immediately after hearing about the Ashes 5 months later, he just couldn’t believe it.

He immediately headed to where his beloved cat was waiting for him.

It was an indescribable reunion. When he saw his beloved cat, he couldn’t hold back hs tears…

The sweet cat was also overjoyed to finally see his beloved human dad again.

This story once again reminded us about the importance of microchipping.

Now the adorable duo continue their journey and nothing will separate them anymore.

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