Adorably unique baby albino elephant plays with family in the mud pit


HERD is the first elephant orphanage in South Africa. Adine Roode, the owner, and her staff of caregivers have devoted their lives to taking care of elephants who have lost their parents.

In addition, they make an effort to incorporate them into the Jabulani herd so that these innocent beings can start a family.

Timisa and Khanyisa, the albino baby elephant, are very close and love to play together. In a similar vein, the allomothers Limpopo, Kumbura, and Klaserie are always nearby to safeguard the young ones.

Owen, the caregiver, recently took the members of the Jabulani herd for a mud bath. Timisa and Khanyisa were playing front and were covered in mud.

Pisa and Somopane, two more members of the herd, stand near the young ones as they have fun.

Owen takes the members of the herd to the dam after the mud bath, where they wash off all of their mud. After that, Khanyisa and Timisa swim together and take in the refreshing water.

The remaining members of the herd also take a thorough bath and immerse themselves in the water. In the background, Sebakwe and Mambo, the other elephants, fight on the banks.

Khanyisa tries to get on Timisa while they are playing in the dam at the same time. Sebakwe soon swims in the middle of the dam with Zindoga and Pisa.

Limpopo, on the other hand, is overcome with excitement as she swims in the dam.

The elephants begin to slowly emerge from the water source. As they leave the water, Zindoga is pushed by Limpopo. However, the remaining members of the herd eventually return to the dam’s depths.

The elephants cool off with a swim at a different dam later in the day. Another swim is enjoyed by Khanyisa and the others. Any animal lover will be delighted to see the elephants having a good time at the dam.

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