Adorable zookeeper sees elephant he adores eventually freed after 50 years in captivity


Here comes the exciting story of Shirley and her owner, James. Caught in a man-made world, Shirley’s life at the Zoo was a forlorn 1, deprived of the organization of different elephants.

Solomon cared for her and ensured she realized she had one friend.Shirley was only a calf when she showed up in the United States and acted in bazaars the nation over.

Yet, after her leg got harmed she was resigned and taken in by the zoo. It was a beneficent demonstration, yet the zoo just had space for one elephant.

For a considerable length of time, she never saw another elephant. For a social creature like an elephant, it was a desolate presence. During her time at the zoo, she was dealt with by Solomon.

He ensured he invested as much energy as possible with her, consoling her and keeping her company.Eventually the zoo sorted out for Shirley to go to the sanctuary in Tennessee. It was a “small piece of paradise”.

Finally, Shirley would have the option to meander indiscriminately and accompany different elephants. As an opportunity to say “farewell” developed nearer, Solomon separated in tears. “I will miss her,” he says.

“However, when I saw this spot I told her that there will be no more chains. I don’t have the foggiest idea who was quick to put a chain on her however I am delighted to realize I was the last to take it off. She is free finally.”

At the point when Shirley showed up at the asylum, the staff were in for an astounding treat. Her most memorable night she was in a pen close to another elephant named Jenny.

The two elephants trumpeted over the course of the evening and bowed the bars between them, attempting to get to each other.

It was something the staff had never seen. It turns outs that they had worked at similar bazaar right around 25 years sooner. Shirley had dealt with Jenny like a mother when she initially showed up as a baby.

From there on out the two elephants were indistinguishable.

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