A very benevolent boy rescued the 3 poor puppies abandoned outdoors in the box


These three little helpless pups were found in the street in a box, on which was written the heartbreaking reason why their handler left them like this.

On February 13th the animal shelter got a box with three puppies in there with avery sad letter on that box. The puppies were so small and helpless, they were not able for sure to protect themselves.

There was also a letter in the box that came from a young boy in hich he was saying that he had to take the puppies away from his dad as he was mistreating the ittle ones after their mother was gone.

A boy named Andres was walking down the street when heard odd noices and saw the pups in the box. When he came closer he noticed that there was a movement inside.

He decided to follow the noice and when he saw what he saw it made him feel so bad for the pups. On the box was written; “No time to take care of them, their mother is…”.

They were in need of desperate help, so the boy took them out of the box and took them home. The boy quickly understood that there was a shelter where they could take good care of the animals.

After doing soe research they found out some facts about the owner of the dog so they helped them for sure. Everybody loved what he did for the animals and they all wished them luck and sent lots of love and appreciation.

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