A rare cat abandoned in pain appears out of nowhere, going through trash cans looking for scraps


One day, all of a sudden, he just showed up. Very different from all the other stray cats in the area, he was trying to survive in the rubbish bins, writes kittencatpost.

Saint Francis Society Animal Rescue arrived at the scene to inspect this strange cat and assess its needs. He was seen near an apartment complex, no one had seen him before.

Someone noticed the cat “Cat man”, Chris came. There were many people for the convenience of the strange cat, he refused to approach, even when he was fed.

He was obviously in a lot of pain, so Chris decided to go back the next day to see if he could fall into the trap.

The next day, Chris returned and set a trap.

Fewer people overcame the cat’s hunger, overcame his fear, went into the trap, and ate the food that Chris had baited.

Upon closer inspection, it became clear that this was nothing more than a very rare “Werewolf” cat.

Finding one of these rare cats as a stray at this age is almost unheard of. It is more probable that his owner left him.

Chris says. “First of all, his claws were growing very large and infected, so they cut them as much as they could and dipped their paws in iodine to fight the infection.

His ears were also infected, so as long as he was on a mild sedative, they cleaned them thoroughly, filled them with medicine, had dental problems, only 6 teeth left, he would need dental work later, he also had conjunctivitis. then eye drops.

“They injected him with antibiotics. He is also overweight, so we will start taking medicine for him.”

It is a mystery how he found himself on the street, or was thrown away by his owner, or by his master’s family after his death, or did he run away.

The veterinarian predicted that he was 8 to 10 years old.

With the help of Chris St Francis Society Animal Rescue, he is now with a caring foster parent, lucky enough to live the second half of his life in luxury surrounded by people who love him.


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