A Man Was Walking His Dog When He Saw THI․ He Couldn’t Believe His Eyes


The story posted on Facebook about the French buried mastiff is quite disturbing, but it has an ending that you will want to feel.

The man was walking outside with his dog when he noticed something in the dirt.

The French mastiff was buried alive and tied in a heavy bag of rocks to prevent his release.

The man and his dog began to bury the poor cub.

Then he gave some water to the dehydrated mastiff.

They took him to a veterinary clinic, where he is expected to fully recover. The police found out that he was responsible for that horrible act.

He will be charged with cruelty to animals.

They found this poor girl at the right time. And it did not take long for him to feel the love he deserved.

What a happy ending thanks to the courageous deeds of Pedro Dinis!

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