A man and a polar bear are so attached to each other that they have already been inseparable for 18 years


For all of us, our relationships with pets, cats or dogs are common․

However, when it comes to the polar bear, at first glance, it does not sound so ordinary when he is friends with a man.

However, these are not the animals that we can keep at home or in the yard, like pets.

Considering all that, the close relationship between this bear, whose name is Agee, and Mark Dumas is quite unusual and unique.

Such things are very rare between wild animals and humans. It all started 18 years ago.

This man is an animal trainer who was assigned to find a polar bear for a movie.

At the time, he heard there was an 7-week-old polar bear still being hand-raised at the zoo.

The point is that his mother had already given birth to 11 babies before him, so she could not take care of this cub anymore.

It was Agee. So Dumas decided to take care of this baby, successfully training him for the film.

Despite all that, no one could have imagined that these two would form such a close bond with each other.

He is believed to be the only person who has this kind of relationship with a bear.

Their relationship is so wonderful that surely nothing can ever replace it.

His wife even told that the bear loves him so much that sometimes he gets jealous when someone takes Dumas’ attention away from him.

However, the bear does not mind her because he got used to her voice too.

To this day, Dumas continues to be Agee’s guardian and, of course, best friend. Both of them take great care of each other.

The couple never felt threatened by Agee’s side, as he sees them as his mother and father.

Although there will be some people who may ask why the polar bear doesn’t live in the wild,but one thing is certain: Dumas and Agee have an incredible connection.

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