A kitten who could barely breathe received the best care in the clinic and now has become the happiest cat ever…


A whole team gathered to help the kitten breathe better․․․

A little orange tabby was rushed to the veterinary hospital because he was in very bad condition and needed urgent help.

He had serious breathing problems and not only. His right lung was badly damaged, so he was immediately put on antibiotics.

During the first few days, he was on oxygen so that he could breathe better.

The kitten, who was named Bobby, was slowly gaining strength and even tried to attract everyone’s attention there.

He would stand on his paws as if to say he was ready to play and cuddle.

With careful care and treatment, his breathing improved considerably after some weeks.

He feels great there and always gets excited when the veterinary staff approaches him.

He always gives them the nicest and warmest greetings before they start their day.

At first he was very underweight, but he tried his best to be able to play with the other kittens.

The following week, when he was seen again by a vet, he reported that Bobby’s right lung was unlikely to “regenerate” again, so he would have to live with one lung for the rest of his life.

But Bobby is not bothered by all that, because he is very determined to overcome any challenge. Bobby is so sweet that you can admire him endlessly.

Everyone at the clinic simply adores him and he loves to sit on Kate’s shoulder keeping a close eye on what she is doing.

Kate also has a dog, Moon, who liked the kitten from the first day and takes care of him like a big brother.

He always offers him lots of cuddles. After some time they became best friends who like to do everything together.

Because Bob will need constant care throughout his life, the Veterinary staff has found the perfect solution for the cat: he will stay there as their clinic cat and they wil alwaysl take care of their little friend.

A kitten is surely very happy and nothing makes him happier than cuddling with his favorite people.

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