A Hurt Puppy Was Found On A Random Porch With No One Around


A small puppy was found lying on the accidental balcony of the abandoned house, the rescuer approached.

He asked, looking around at his mother, but he was alone. The baby was injured, so he took her to a veterinarian immediately.

Bernard was examined, treated, and just went to the caregiver. She cried all the way, only when she met her milk bottle, she was fine.

He even loved the pacifier as a safety blanket. Then Bernard chose the big rainbow bear as his hugging friend. :

As his back got better and better, he was able to turn around better. Bernard was growing, he was becoming more prominent day by day, but Dinah liked it, she perceived it as healthy growth.

The baby was adopted by Angelica, who named him Diego. And today he still has a rainbow bear toy by his side.



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