A hero dog saved the life of a newborn baby he found in a garbage can…


There are so many homeless animals in Bangok that you can find them everywhere.

Locals meet many such dogs, but non of them could imagine that a stray dog ​​could be so smart.

One of those dogs is named Pugh, who was often seen by the neighbours wandering the streets.

One day when he was walking again, he came across a dump on the road and started walking in that direction.

It was then that he suddenly heard a noise from a nearby trash can.

He started rummaging through the trash to figure out where the sound was coming from and that’s when he saw a package there.

The dog took the heavy bundle with its teeth, from which the sound of crying could be heard very clearly.

He started walking towards the crowded streets, hoping to get help.

When he met a man, he laid the bundle at his feet and waited for him to open it.

Of course, at first the man thought that it was some garbage and did not pay attention.

However, after just a few seconds, he heard a cry and quickly opened it.

There was a newborn baby. He simply could not believe his eyes…

As the doctors mentioned, the baby would not have survived if it were not for the brave dog.

This story spread so quickly that Pugh is already considered a real hero around the world.

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