A heartwarming moment The two former circus lions set foot on the grass for the first time


It is always heartbreaking to see an animal kept in a cage, let alone a lion. But unfortunately, there are still so many circuses in the world where these wonderful wild cats have to live like that.

For both of them, it all ended after the dedicated team managed to save them and give them a chance to move around freely. The moment when the two lions touch the grass for the first time is not emotional.

For more than eight years, Tarzan and Tanya had to live a miserable life as part of a Guatemalan circus. The two huge cats were kept in small cages, they were not treated well during those years.

Fortunately, Animal Defenders International (ADI), the global animal protection group, learned of their history and rushed to their rescue.

Although these giants are usually fearless, they were both so frightened and confused when Jean Tim, ADI’s Vice President, went to rescue them.

They lived a very cruel, sad life, which left scars in the depths of their hearts, as it did on their bodies. And the latter shows how neglected these adorable creatures were.

Fortunately, after so many years of a sad life, Tanya Tarzan was finally transferred to a rehabilitation center before being relocated to their new home, a sanctuary in South Africa.

When they got here, the duo had the opportunity to set foot on the grass for the first time, the moment was beautiful to see.

Learn more in Tarzan’s video “Tanya’s Salvation” below.

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