A grandfather brought his dog to suppress with tears in his eyes because he had no money for treatment


Seeing the tears on the man’s face and the pain in the dog’s eyes, the veterinarian did exactly what he had to…

It is said that happiness is not measured by money, but sometimes it is money that decides our Destiny. An elderly man struggled to make ends meet and when doctors told him about the cost of care for his dog, he realized he couldn’t afford it.

In the veterinarian’s office, in addition to the doctor, there was an elderly man and a mongrel dog. All three remained silent, the visitor limited himself to absent-mindedly stroking his dog and sobbing softly.

The silence of the office was broken only by the bitter sighs of the man, who could not accept the need to part with his friend and cried silently.

Despite not having much experience, veterinarian Andrei Alex Androvich more than once saw the reaction of people who had to put their pets to sleep.

The doctor understood that a pet becomes a friend, so he considered the tears of his visitors a perfectly natural reaction. However, this case seemed to him very special.

The doctor recalled how, three days earlier, a man and his dog had come to see him for the first time. The man was elderly and did not talk much, his dog Naida, a nine-year-old mutt, had not gotten up for several days.

The man, frightened by the behavior of the animal, took the dog for an emergency visit. During the conversation with the veterinarian, the man said that Nada

An examination revealed that the dog had a serious infection and needed to be treated urgently, but the drugs and procedures were expensive. If the dog has not been treated.

The infection would continue to spread and lead to the animal dying in a severe and painful way. The doctor presented the man with an alternative-treatment or killing, which would allow the dog to escape pain and suffering. Andrei made his offer very dryly, without thinking about how his words would be perceived by the visitor.

After the doctor’s verdict, the man put money on the table, a couple of crumpled bills, with trembling hands took the dog and left.

The man and his friend showed up at the door of the clinic three days later: “I’m sorry, I could only collect the money to put her to sleep so as not to make her suffer,” said the man without looking up from the floor.

Already in the office the man asked for a few minutes to greet his friend. Watching the pain of this couple saying goodbye, Andre Al Aleksandrovich strongly perceived the injustice reigning in the world.

Sometimes people with money do not give any value to life, neither to other people nor to animals. This old man and his mongrel dog showed such reverent feelings, that money can not buy, but it was because of the lack of money that they had to say goodbye to each other.

The doctor could not restrain his feelings, approached the man and put his hand on his shoulder, promising: “I will cure Naida, without money, I will help at my expense”. Naida is not old yet, she still has a few years to spend with you.

The old man just sobbed in silence.

In just seven days, NDA She managed to quickly overcome the disease with the help of drip and proper care. The veterinarian felt real satisfaction with his work.

Perhaps he did not perform the most significant of good deeds, but he managed to make the elder and his dog believe in people and hope for a better future.

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