A farmer rescued 4 newborns, but after taking them home, it turned out that they were not ordinary kittens as it seemed


Once, a farmer suddenly found 4 newborn babies in his plot, who were completely helpless and very scared.

The man of course couldn’t be indifferent and immediately approached to save the little ones. However the babies looked very unusual at first glance and it was clear that they were no ordinary cats.

Therefore, after taking them to his house, the farmer turned to the “Dauria” international reserve, hoping that they would help to find out the breed of the babies, so that he could properly take care of the newborns.

They also confirmed that the babies are indeed no ordinary cats.

They are babies of a manul, a rare species of wiId cats.

The staff of the reserve offered to hand over the newborn babies to the care of two ordinary cats, who, happily, accepted them as their own kittens taking care of them very carefully.

Cats of this breed are actually registered in the Red Book and hunting of these species is prohibited everywhere. They decided to take care of the kittens until they were old enough to release them into the wild.

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