A dog that ran away from his new adoptive family walked 45 miles before it was finally rescued


Lost dogs usually wander quite far from their homes and Suzette Hall, who is a rescuer, has quite a lot of experience in that.

Among the lost and abandoned dogs, this is what she distinguishes first of all.

One day she received a call about a recently adopted dog named Koa who had run away from his home.

She realized at once that she would most likely have a long journey ahead of her before finding the dog and she was not wrong.

No one could have imagined that a lost pup could walk 45 miles.

First, she and her rescue partner posted information about Koa on social media pages, which would speed up the process of finding the dog.

All that lasted for about two months, and during those months the dog ended up in Westminster, which is about 45miles away from his home.

When she first saw Koa, Hall set the trap, but the dog didn’t take the bait, but she wasn’t going to give up and would do anything to get him back, even though the dog didn’t realize that she just wanted to help.

Eventually, with the help of two officers, she was finally able to move Koa into a confined space so that he could be finally captured.

Then they immediately took the dog to the vet and called his adoptive parents.

Koa was very exhausted as had lost an incredible amount of weight, but thanks to Hall, he would soon fully regain his strength and recover from such a long journey.

Koa is now with his new sweet family who just adore him. Undoubtedly he will never try to run away again.

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