A deaf and blind poor horse, who was rejected by his mother finally found a house and now did not have any difficulties


The deaf and blind poor horse, which his mother had rejected, finally found a home and now had no difficulty.

The poor animal faced many difficulties when its mother left him alone after birth.

Now he is very depressed, he does not know what to do. The reason was that he was very small.

But, fortunately, good people appeared who wanted to take care of the animal, to protect it.

After such difficulties he now enjoys his life.

The woman who saved his life said that this horse was probably the youngest of its age, “it can not survive alone.”

He took the horse, ready to hold it until it grew stronger.

Even though the little animal was disabled, now he is saved, thanks to the efforts of the woman he gets love and attention.

Now he can walk, he has many furry friends.

The animal now weighs about 20 pounds and shakes everyone with its beautiful, witty appearance.

The owner assures that the animal is now living its best life, surrounded by good friends who are always ready to help him if needed.

All the difficulties he encountered were in the past, he will not suffer from anything anymore.

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