A celebrity couple adopted a dog from one of 4,000 rescued beagles who were being used for drug experiments


We are very excited to share with you the happy news that almost 4000 beagles were recently rescued in the state of Virginia,.

The point is that it was engaged in the abuse of puppies, breeding and selling them to conduct drug experiments.

It was a terrible experience for those pups, which could not but leave its mark on their lives.

The conditions where they were kept were terrible, the food too.

They were hardly fed, and if there were such cases, their food was full of maggots and excrement. Most of the dogs died shortly after…

Fortunately, information about this organization reached the relevant authorities and they managed to save 4000dogs, doing everything to provide them with forever homes.

Recently, a woman called to ask to adopt one of these rescued dogs, introducing herself as “Megan.”

Megan had heard the story about these dogs and wanted to adopt one of them.

At first, they had no idea who the caller was, but when they visited the facility, it was a real shock for them.

The famous couple visited there to see the 25 dogs in their care, including a 7-year-old dog with her little puppies.

They immediately noticed the dog, and what caught their attention was the fact that it was a mother dog.

In just an instant, they had already made their decision.

t was Mamma Mia. When they were about to leave, they noticed that the dog was looking for something.

At that time,she approached the toy box and took her favorite fox.

Now she is already in her royal family, enjoying life to the fullest under the care of her wonderful family.

This was just a shining example for many to adopt one of these rescued dogs.

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