A cafe located in Lesvos allows stray animals to sleep inside after there are no more customers


Unfortunately, there are many people who, keeping a pet at home, do not realize the full responsibility that they have to show towards them.

These innocent creatures, who devote themselves wholeheartedly to their owners and love them no matter what, cannot even imagine that their owners might leave them one day…

The thing is that in Greece, a lot of people abandon their dogs because they realize that they cannot keep them anymore.

But at the same time, we are glad that there are such places, among which is Hott Spott, always ready to accept pets.

Every night it allows the stray animals to sleep in the cafe so they don’t have to roam the streets all night.

As soon as the bar closes, the pets come to the cafe and sleep there.

They even have warm blankets so they don’t get cold in cold weather.

The cafe is located in Lesvos, which was once the center of exile extremism.

At that time local residents have increased solidarity situations around environmentaI and humanitarian issues.

We are so happy that there are such wonderful places that care about homeless animals .

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