A big mother rat pulls a person by man to show his new babies


The video shows how a large rat catches her person and drags her to show her baby, it advises us how little we learn about the rats about one of the smartest pets on the planet.

Rats are very social and communicate with each other using high-frequency sounds that we cannot hear without instruments. They like playing with each other, wrapping, as well as fighting.

Neurologist Jacqy Pankuers advises that when playing or enjoying the rats, they will release voting, which is amazingly comparable to man’s crushes.

Young rats have an impressive feeling of entertainment, “says the professor.

When the rats contact their human friends it is permanent.

So if they are unexpectedly surrendered to another person or ignored, they can also die of misfortune. Just like people, if they don’t have friendships, the rats become single, restless, stressed and depressed.

Oh, as well as a huge rat, which we see in the video, is more likely to be a giant pouch. These types of rats are used in the country to remove mines.

Talk about smart creatures.

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