A bear hid that she became a mother of three in the Omsk Zoo


At the Omsk Zoo, a bear hid that it had become a mother of three children.

One of the residents of the zoo started behaving strangely, and the staff started to worry about his behavior.

He stopped going out and spent the whole day at home.

And the strangest thing was that he drove the man out of his house.

But then everything became clear. It turned out that she gave birth to 3 cubs and that is why she acted so calmly.

And male bears often eat their young, which is why the father was kicked out of the house

The staff initially thought that the cubs were born in the winter.

And if they try to enter their house, they will scare the cubs, and the mother will also be stressed.

And the mother of a frightened bear is the most dangerous animal in the world.

You can not know what to expect from him.

So they decided to wait for their mother to take them for a walk.

And when the children grew up, he took them out of the house for the first time. So it turned out that Masha is now a mother of three.

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