A battered dog who thought he deserved to die is beautifully proven to be wrong


Apollo was a frightened puppy when he arrived at Animal Welfare Services in San Antonio, Texas.


He hid in his kennel, his posture was full of fear. When his photo was published, it broke the hearts of animal lovers.

Someone has abused him in the past, he was very ill. Although he was a dog with many physical and mental problems, one family decided to take a chance and took him home.

Veterinarians told the couple that they did not communicate early enough would probably never become a good family pet. He was diagnosed with fatal tuberculosis.

Megan Cook refused to leave him with the vets, knowing that she hated being put back in the cage. He wrote to the Investigator and said:

“We brought her home, gave her food, a bed, everything the puppy wanted. You should have seen how excited she was when we fed her for the first few months.

“He has completely recovered from his illness. Gradually he became the best dog, sometimes even very tender. His favorite thing on the planet is our morning walks.

“She is loving, self-confident, sweet. is a perfect family animal.

“He is the best friend of our little pheasant in the world. We recently had a baby From the moment we brought our baby home, Apollo adopted the baby as if he were his puppy. ”

It is so amazing to hear that despite all the obstacles that Apollo encountered and the prejudices he encountered, he overcame all opportunities.

Here is a beautiful photo of this sweet dog before and after.

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