A 5-year-old boy helped his father warm his newborn twin brothers, whose photo immediately took the whole Internet


It was a few years ago that Scandinavian maternity hospitals started using a new method of breastfeeding babies.

It was called “skin to skin”, which in a short time began to be considered the best solution.

Therefore, soon after it became widespread in the world, a photo appeared on the Internet, which immediately went viral.․․

The photo showed a little boy warming one of his newborn siblings while the other baby was being warmed by its father.

It is known that such a method is used mainly in the case of prematurely born children, when they are placed on their mother’s and father’s chests.

It really works very effectively, giving the baby positive feelings.

In addition, it helps to reduce the stress left after childbirth, helping to recover faster.

According to the data, this wonderful method has helped increase the survival rate of premature babise from 30% to 70

So, when these children were born, their parents did their best to keep them alive, with the constant support of doctors, of course.

Their 5-year-old son was also very restless and wanted to help his twin brothers. So the hospital staff agreed to let him in too.

Thus, the boy warmed up one of his brothers, which helped to recover quickly.

Now we’re happy to announce that everything is fine with the babies. This pic melted the hearts of millions of people from all over the world . So touching!

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