A 2-year-old girl who had been missing for 36 hours was rescued by his best friend Penn…


It was June when a girl named Charlie, who was only 2years old, disappeared from her grandfather’s house…

When his grandmother woke up, she saw that the child had disappeared, and his best friend, the pitbull Penn, was also missing.

The girl’s grandmother noticed that the front door was open and immediately called the police. They quickly arrived with search dogs and started looking for the girl.

More than 100 volunteers were involved in the search, but they could not find them for two days. ,

Pictures of Charlie were posted everywhere, everyone was doing everything they could to help find the missing girl, which even got national media attention.

And finally, after 36 hours, a real miracle happened… One of their neighbours suddenly noticed something in his yard that immediately caught his attention.

It was a little girl all covered in scratches,some bites and leaves all over the girl’s hair.

He recognized her immediately from her pajamas. However, this was not all, because the story took another unexpected turn.

Her pit bull came home just moments before Charlie showed up, and it turns out she was by Charlie’s side the entire time to make sure the 2-year-old was safe.

Penny didn’t come home until she knew Charlie was safe. After that Charlie was rushed to a children’s hospital to recover from the ordeal.

NEverything is fine with the little girl and she is already with her family, and as for Penny, he is enjoying his favorite hamburgers as a brave dog who behaved like a true friend.

Charlie’s mother thanked the police and all the volunteers who did everything to find her daughter.

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