A 10-year old boy named Troy saved all his classmates noticing that something was wrong with the driver


Troy Luna’s parents always told him not to trust adults he didn’t kno. But in any case, they didn’t think the day would come when he would have to follow their advice. And as much as it was unexpected for them, they were wrong about that.

Once, when Troy got on his bus to go home from school, he suddenly noticed that the bus driver was acting very “strange”.

It is worth noting that the quick thinking and courage of this child, who’s only 10 years old, saved all his classmates. Here is what happened that day.

The boy said that there was a bad smell coming from the driver, he was also smoking and besides that he had some kind of strange behavior that immediately caught his attention. During that time, he watched him carefully for a while because he was afraid of how he was driving.

“He suddenly slammed on the brakes and a couple of kids jumped out of their seats,” Troy said.

Then he just missed the turn and sped onto the highway. It was at that moment that Troy knew something was wrong.

He quickly called 911. When the driver wanted to make his next stop, the police were already there.

Troy said that at that moment he thought it was the best option for that situation and he wasn’t wrong.  There were about 30 children between the ages of 5 and 10 on the bus.

When the police stopped the bus, they gave the driver a test to find out if he was drunk or not, because he was driving very badly.

Of course, he failed the sobriety test. He was later charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance endangering the lives of children.

Even though Troy’s friends told him that everything would be fine and that he didn’t need to call the police, he decided to listen to his heart and it was the right decision. What a wonderful boy! His parents are undoubtedly very proud of him.

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