92 military K9 dogs are coming back from Afghanistan after their duty totally completed


In the US each service member is overly critical when the things get close to someone’s freedom and security. K9 dogs work with humans and their work is both sagnificant and hard.

They are highly trained and talanted. These puppies can be in various fields and they are almost always 98% correct.

These facts are so obvious that there is no mentioning is even needed. The K9 pups require the same care and attention as human beings get.

These dogs deserve to get our admiration and love especially after being done with their duty. One of the groups that cares for this kind of staff is AMK9.

Lately we were informed that the US government connected with them to welcome 92 K9 dogs that completed their duties and came back as heroes from Afghanistan.

The organaizers look after them and their food, water, health care and everything. And also they said that most of the dogs will get their new and loving families.

They all are treated with a great honor and respect that they deserved. They got to have an amazing time.

The most heartwarming is the moment when the people and dogs who served together got to live together after all the hardships they have gone through.

They build such an incredible bond that can never be broken down. So fantastic how AMK9 handles them as they are treating them as brothers.

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