6 years ago, the couple had twin sisters with different skin colors, how they look now?


Children of interracial couples typically have a distinctive appearance. However, the British twins Anaya and Mila attracted attention right away.

A long time back, the entire world was discussing them. The girls’ distinct skin tones were the reason. We’ll talk about their early years and how they look now.

The skin of newborn girls gradually changed after a few weeks: While Mila’s skin turned dark, Anaya, like her mother, was light.

Such mutations occur, but they are extremely uncommon. The girl’s mother explained:

“Mila took more of the genes from their father because they are not identical twins, and Anaya took more of my genes.”

“We can’t believe they are twins; they have the same birthday and the same parents, but they are just total opposites in every way.”

Despite the fact that Hannah is aware that her daughter’s situation is not unique, she is still concerned about their future.

The loving mother is afraid that her children will be rejected from the school team and criticized by others.
Hannah and Kyle were the focus of a lot of attention from the media right after the twins were born.

Photographs of the couple with babies showed up on the planet media, and numerous distributions attempted to make sense of the peculiarity of the sisters.

Six years later, the family received less media attention. Parents try not to draw attention to their daughters: They occasionally post pictures of Anaya and Mila to a private social media account.

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