21-year-old german claims to be Maddie McCann and demands DNA test


How likely is it that Madeleine McCann would still be alive 16 years after she vanished?

A 21-year-old German young lady professes to be the missing child young lady, requesting a DNA test and to address guardians Kate and Gerry McCann.

The 3-year-old English girl Madeleine McCann went missing on May 3, 2007, while she was on vacation in Praia da Luz, Portugal.  Her disappearance enraged the international media and investigators.

A kidnapping story has never received such widespread coverage from the media, particularly given that the mystery surrounding his disappearance remains unsolved to this day.

A 21-year-old German woman recently confirmed her intimate belief that she is Madeleine McCann.

She started an Instagram account with the name “iammadeleinemccan” (which means “I am Madeleine McCann” in French, editor’s note), and more than 659,000 people follow it.

The page’s description is unambiguous: I need to speak with Kate and Gerry McCann, so please help me. I figure I could be Madeleine,” she composed, adding that she even “required a DNA test”.

She frequently highlights her physical resemblance to the missing girl and her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, in publications.

In addition to other things, she uncovered the moles on the face and the thigh, an imprint in the right eye or even a dimple: ” I hope the police will check, even if I’m not the real Madeleine.

Without a DNA test, I can’t be 100% sure. She invoked a conversation with her grandmother to explain the origin of her intuition in a live Instagram rebroadcast on TikTok:

” She informed me that my family was aware that a pedophile had hurt me.

She admits to having only hazy childhood memories. However, she claims that one of the suspects on the official website, findmadeleine.com, resembles the individual who allegedly sexually assaulted her as a child.

The investigation has gone through a lot of ups and downs since Maddie McCann went missing.

A Portuguese investigator in particular had the suspicion that the girl’s parents were to blame for her death and had covered it up. He later wrote a book about his investigation.

All of the tracks are studied, including the pedophile network’s, but in July 2008, the Portuguese justice finally ends the case.

After a suspect was apprehended by German police in 2020, the case was reopened.

At the end of 2022, German authorities identified a 45-year-old German as the primary suspect in Maddie McCann’s murder and issued an arrest warrant for him for five rape cases and alleged paedophilia.

Despite this, Maddie McCann’s disappearance remains a complete mystery to this day.

If the DNA test she is requesting comes back positive, this new twist will only make the circumstances surrounding the disappearance even more complicated.

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