11-year-old albino twin sisters surprise the whole world. Here what they are doing


In the fashion industry, there are now completely new standards for beauty: distinctive appearance and “zest” The Bavar sisters are simply such models.

They have already achieved considerable popularity at the age of 11. The black parents of the girls live in Brazil. Additionally, the girls were not like their parents at birth.

They are fairly looking, with white hair and blue eyes. They’re albino people. They were invited to the photo project as a result of this feature.

The photographer says about his project, “The purpose of my work is to demonstrate beauty in all its ways for empowerment.” Sheila, the family’s older daughter, has dark skin and is a member of the family.

A photo project required Sheila and her sisters to participate. Girls are now extremely popular.

They have previously collaborated with Nike, Insanis, and Bazaar Kids brands. Mara and Lara take great pride in their appearance and have never shied away from it.

They are self-assured. The sisters have their own Instagram account, and their number of subscribers is steadily rising to over 6,000.

The girls are of the opinion that people need to make sure that people with albinism are integrated into society and that as much information as possible about the condition is available to them.

Using social media, they intend to accomplish exactly this.

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