Woman Sees ‘Her Dog’ In The Sky A Few Hours After Her Death


We have a very special connection with our four-legged friends. To us, our pets are more than just animals. They are more like family members than animals.


So when a pet dies, it is always heartbreaking.

Many pet owners who suffer this loss try to take comfort in the fact that their pet is on the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge is a meadow where animals wait for people to join them and then they will enter paradise together.

After Sunny’s death, Lucy was comforted; she went out with her boyfriend to get some fresh air.

While they were driving, they came to a place where Lucy was taking her dog, Sunny, for a walk. He got out of the car because he wanted to feel his dog there.

He said it might seem strange as he looked up at the sky to see if there was any sign of whether his dog was OK.

And when he looked up at the sky, he saw his dog’s face in the sky. He said with tears in his eyes, looked up at the sky, and saw Sunny.

His dog was proving to him that he had gone to a better place. Lucy said she felt warm when she saw her dog’s face in the sky. It was his way of telling them he was fine.


Even dog lovers sympathized with him after he shared a photo of an inspiring vision on Twitter. More than 100,000 liked it, many dog lovers sympathized with it.

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