Wild Lion Jumps Into An Open Safari Vehicle And Goes Straight For Woman’s Face


Filia the Lion has a unique way to greet visitors in the Crimean “Taygan Safari” park. The 2-year-old beast thinks that he is still a beautiful little cub, persistently demanding great warmth from every person he meets.

Needless to say, tourists are always warned about its clichés.

In this video, we follow Philia’s charming mission to get to know everyone on the safari car passing by.

He jumps into the car and removes the driver, as he demands the wheel before embracing new people. He does not seem to know his greatness at all, he begs every visitor to caress him like a puppy.

Tourists are initially shocked to see that they have been found in their corner by a huge predator. But in the end, they feel the need for his innocent companionship and warm up with him.

Within seconds, Philia is lost in bliss as she licks and rubs the faces of tourists like a pet. It seems that the king of the jungle is very strict in getting what he wants.

As Philia refuses to leave the tourists alone, the driver has to pull her into his arms like a child.

The lion finally gets out of the car, ready to say goodbye to his new friends. However, the poor thing looks very poor as the car leaves its cab. She is such a beautiful lover.

Click on the video below to watch Filya get on a safari to hug and make friends with her new friends.

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